Exciting Adventures

So, I have had quite an busy year so far, leaving me not nearly enough time to make stuff. Also, due to practical reasons, I have been doing more watercoloring and less crocheting. Main reason: watercolors take up a LOT less room than a yarn stash, and my room doesn’t have much space to spare. So I don’t really have any crazy updates. I learned a new (and AWESOME) stitch, instructions here. It’s called crocodile stitch, and I think I’m obsessed. I want to make a bazillion things… but I need to figure out how to increase/decrease.

Other than that, I made a few dinosaurs for my sister (besides the brachiosaurus, I also made a triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex.) I watercolored Lady Gaga for my best friend, and a lot of random water-doodles, but… I can’t think of anything else worth sharing. I’m hoping that will change, seeing as how I’m only taking 19 units this quarter… (the second half of that sentence is completely sarcastic, in case that was confusing.) I’m starting to not make sense. It’s late. I am going to go to sleep now. Good thing about tomorrow? Saturday! Perfect for procrastinating and crafting. Lookout world, here I-zzzzzzzzz

What have I been up to?

I finished my dino, with plenty of time to spare before Christmas. ;D

In other exciting news, I am teaching one of my suitemates how to crochet! She’s really good at it, and is already working on her first project. She wanted to make a voodoo doll for her art class, and so I came up with my own pattern for a person. I have made so many amigurumi by making separate pieces for the head, body, arms, and legs, and decided to try making this one in a continuous piece.

It was my first attempt, and I am extremely pleased with how well it came out! In fact, I decided that this pattern can’t be for a voodoo doll, because it is way too realistic–it would be too creepy. So I was glad when she decided to make it a regular doll–apparently, too many people gave her weird looks when she said she was making a voodoo doll!

He looked so sad and naked sitting there, so I decided to make him a little trench coat. Don’t ask me why I choose such ambitious projects–I’ve never sewn a sleeve before in my life! I found a photo of a pattern and printed it out to be the right size, and then adjusted it so it fit him. I then sewed a prototype out of muslin. I’ll do pockets, and probably use ribbon for a belt, but I decided to keep it pretty simple because it’s microscopic.


Right now it looks like he’s wearing a bathrobe, but hey, it’s a work in progress! Eventually I want to get a remnant of a dark blue pinstripe as well and I’ll make him a little suit… he can be the Tenth Doctor!!

Batty for October! But a bit belated…

So, I just found this post, and I guess it has been sitting here, gathering cyber-dust, while I thought I had already published it… So I guess better late than never. Here it is:

I wanted to knit a bat, in honor of the upcoming holiday… and came up with my own pattern! It’s not perfect, so I haven’t written it up yet. I need to make a few tweaks to the head and wings. Here’s my prototype, Stellaluna, named after one of my favorite books:

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Itty Bitty Brachiosaurus!

DAWWW!!! That was my first thought when I saw this little guy:


So I decided to make one in blue. HE’S SO CUTE!! And there are even more where he came from!! Planet June has some adorable dinosaur patterns in her shop–you can click here to see for yourself!


I have finally decided to embark on my very first yarn-bombing adventure. In Revelle there is a long-standing tradition of painting the anchor that stands in Anchor Courtyard. (Bet you can’t guess where the courtyard got its name.) I decided to step it up a bit, and yarnbomb the anchor instead of just painting it. Unfortunately, about a week ago, the anchor was vandalized–the paint was peeled off down to the metal, but only in spots. As I said, this is a long-standing tradition–there’s about two inches worth of paint on the anchor. The result of peeling off patches? It looks really sad and lopsided. It’s just the motivation I need to get going with my project! I may have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I’ll figure it out as I go. And hopefully make the anchor look a little better in the process.

As for that darn Dalek… I’m working on it, I swear.


So, classes started, and between classes, homework, and not being a complete recluse, I have absolutely no free time. I’m attempting to crochet my friend a bag to hold her nail polishes for her birthday (which is TOMORROW) and I’m hoping I can finish it on time. *crosses fingers* Hopefully, as I get into the swing of things, I’ll be able to find more time to make stuff.

But despite my lack of time to knit, I’ve been having fun making other things… like friends! It’s kind of crazy how many new people I’ve met in the last two weeks. I didn’t think I was bad with names before, but it’s been so hard to keep everyone straight. Especially when you never know if you are even going to see some of these people again. I really need a mental camera–then I can take a picture of the person’s face and attach a name tag.

Anyways, I will try to get more done on that darn Dalek… I honestly haven’t touched it in about two weeks. I don’t even remember where I am in the project… it’s my new priority.

Doctor Who knitting bonanza!!

Guess what? I finally finished my 3rd TARDIS, fixed up the pattern, and listed it on Etsy! So it’s out there in the big wide world. Want to see what it looks like? Why don’t you go check it out!

As far as the Dalek goes, I undid everything…again. I am going to try with knitting this time–I think that will work better for this shape than crochet. Anyways, I’m still working on it, I promise. At this point, I MUST finish, just because it’s been such a hassle. I am a Taurus, you know. ;)

Victory is sweet…

Remember that route that just about killed me last week? Well, I did it this week! I successfully pulled the move that I tried a bazillion times before. And even better, my finger is almost completely healed, so I can knit again! Two victories at once. I’m back in the game!

On the Sidelines

During my last trip to the climbing gym, I managed, through sheer determination, (I’m a Taurus, what can I say?) to remove a dime-sized chunk of skin from the middle segment of my middle finger on my right hand. (No, I’m not going to post a picture–I’ll leave it to your imagination.) I had been trying the same move over and over–I was so close! Then my hand decided I was done for the night. It wasn’t that big of a deal–despite looking pretty bad, it didn’t really bleed, and while hydrogen peroxide burned like fire, it only hurts if I forget about it and use that finger–opening a drawer, closing a door, etc. Or knitting. I’m terribly sad to report that I am pretty darn incapable of knitting for a while, as I can’t really bend my finger. Well, I can, but it hurts. So technically I can knit, but very slowly, and it hurts. So I won’t. Which means that my Dalek is postponed even more. But never fear! I have tons of books to read, and I should be in prime knitting form soon.

Pannier update…

Remember how I was going to sew a pannier/messenger bag? I found my messenger bag from last year, and realized that I really don’t need TWO messenger bags. So I decided instead of sewing a whole bag, why not do a sleeve to protect my laptop while it’s in my other bag? I found this super plush padding, about an inch thick, and started sewing. It was a pain in the tooshie–the thread kept breaking, the foot got caught in the fluff, my machine jammed, and it was difficult to maneuver because it was so thick. When I slid my laptop inside to test it (I had just sewn across the bottom) IT DIDN’T FIT!!! The bag was about 1/2″ too short. Thank goodness I wasn’t any further along–as it was, I was extremely frustrated.

But right then, I had a brilliant idea. I drew up my own pattern for a sleeve. However, I didn’t have any padding left. Then I realized that the laptop case I already have would be perfect. It didn’t work before because I couldn’t put anything else in the case, but if I put the case inside another bag, it works just fine. So I now have my own, improvised version of the one I was planning on making.

Ta da!