About me, aka TMI

Hello! I’m dusting off this old blog again–it’s been forever since I’ve updated, and I’ve changed and grown a lot both as a person and as a creator since I last posted. I could start a fresh blog for the “new me” but I don’t really want to–this is still a cool body of work to have eternally archived on the internet. The current me grew from this past me, and I’m proud of that. If you have the patience to scroll all the way back (or the curiosity to click a link in the archive) then you deserve to see what weird stuff I was up to in 2011. So yeah, I’m back. What’s changed?

This blog was in it’s heyday when I was a freshman at UCSD–I’ve since graduated with a BA in Linguistics and minors in literature and theater. Earlier this year I moved to Portland with my bff, and have now been working at Starbucks for ~3.5 yrs. I still love amigurumi, but have shifted my crafting more towards embroidery bc it takes up less space when they’re done… (who am I kidding 50% of my room is craft projects no matter what they are.) I do the most consistent updating on instagram: my art account is @theoneandonlyemi and personal is @3m1 … fun fact someone keeps trying to steal my username so I’ll randomly get texts asking if I need help getting into my account which is REALLY ANNOYING (and totally futile so plz stop??)

So yeah, that’s all for now I guess. I’m gonna try to keep posting fairly regularly, but I’m going to Europe in a week so idk how that’s gonna impact this… it’ll either be radio silence, or EVERYTHING. Probably more #1 here and #2 on insta. I’m planning on doing lots of museums/art/architecture/photography, but I’m not bringing any crafts bc international travel means packing light. I will bring a journal though, so I might share pages from that.

thanks for caring, you’re the best.

xo, emi


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