Despicable Me…

Well, I watched Despicable Me, and it is an absolutely adorable movie!! I decided to knit myself a minion or two, and to my delight, there was already an awesome pattern out there!! Thank you Kat! Here’s the pattern, if you’re curious. I’ll try to post a photo when I finish. I guess I haven’t really done any photos yet… I’ll have to fix that. ^_^

Update: Photo!!



I sold 13 sushi today!! That means $45 for Japan. :) And from hair accessories, about $80 for our club. Awesome!

Here’s the pattern for crocheted sushi: (now you can make some for Japan too!!)


Crochet hook
Dk green yarn
White yarn
3 inside colors (recommended: yellow, green, pink)

Inside segment (make 2 of each)
(Make in 2 diff colors(green/yellow))
Ch 2, sc 2 in 1st
Sc 2 in each.
Using 3rd color(pink),
Ch 2, sc 3 in 1st
Sc 2 in each
Sew one if each color together.
With white:
Sc1, inc all the way around (21)
sc 2 inc repeat (28)
Bind off

Nori (Outside):
1: Ch 11, sc in each
2-23/29ish(long enough to wrap around top & bottom): sc in each (odd # of rows)
Bind off

Sew nori ends together, then top to nori. Start sewing bottom on nori too, stop & stuff, and finish sewing.

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I finished my sweater!! I used gold flower buttons, and it fits perfectly!! ^_^ SOOOO happy it fits.
And (31 sushi later) EXHIBITION DAY IS TOMORROW!! Wow. I’m going to make some more sushi today, and then sell them for Japan! I think I’ll sell them for about $3. :D So excited!!!

Doctor Who + knitting = HAPPY

Well, today was productive. I watched 8 episodes of Doctor Who (season 1) and almost completed my cardigan- only one sleeve and the buttonholes left!! Wow, that project went really quickly.
After 6 hours of Doctor Who (each episode=45 minutes) I am starting to think in a British accent.
Oh yeah, and I also never left the house today… :)

Tank top…

Well, I finished my tank top. And it is WAY too big!! I checked my gauge and everything too. Oh well. I’ve started a shortsleeved cardigan type thing. And sushi of course!! Next Wednesday I’ll be selling them for about $5 at exhibition day to raise money for Japan. :) Yay!
Also, yesterday was the LAST standardized test I will EVER have to take!! Oh yeah. Awesome.
Today, however, is a normal day. Nothing crazy planned. And Friday.
Oh, and exciting news, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt joined Billie Joe on twitter. ^_^


Made ‘healthy’ crepes this morning- crepes with ham & onions & cheese in the batter!! Delicious. And since they have stuff in them, you have to make them thicker, so I couldn’t eat as many as normal… :) Overall, a success!!

Busy busy busy!!

Well, I’ve been working on my tank top- making progress!! And the sushi are multiplying rapidly.
I started and finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Philip K Dick) today- CST testing=LOTS of reading time.
Climbing again tonight!! Lots of fun. My hands are raw. :)
Got lost on the xkcd website- it is beyond awesome. ^.^

Friday the 13th…

And Comedy Sportz/Junior Java today!!!
Well, I survived. :) relatively unscathed too!
Unfortunately, I ran out of the Burgundy red heart yarn I’m using for my tank top, so I’m hoping to make a pit stop at michaels tomorrow.
Also, sushi are coming along AWESOME!!!


AP test is over!! After 3 hours of testing and 3 essays, I officially don’t have to worry about anything until finals. :)
I want to make another pattern, but don’t know what to make… Any suggestions??