Photos of Buckbeak

Here are the photos of baby Buckbeak!! I am in love with this little guy, and I’m seriously considering making myself one in brown. Oh, and don’t mind his extra big head…the light grey yarn was a tad thicker than the others.
About halfway through this project, I ran out of the medium grey yarn, and had to run to Michaels to get some more. I was looking through the yarn frantically, trying to find the right one. I started freaking out, because I KNEW that I had gotten the yarn there originally, so unless they discontinued it, it had to be there. If I couldn’t find the right yarn, then I would have been forced to start over on the parts that used that yarn, because this is a gift, so I couldn’t just say “Oh, that’s close enough.” Luckily, I found it. Apparently, the brand had changed their wrapper from grey to beige. NOT COOL. But I did end up finding the correct yarn, so everything is alright.


Buckbeak Amigurumi!!

I decided to crochet the most adorable baby Buckbeak for my friend’s birthday. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan, and I think she’ll love him! The only reason I can bear to part with him is that I know he’s going to a good home. ^_^ Here’s a link to the pattern:
Honestly, YOU SHOULD MAKE ONE. I want to make another one. They are so freaking adorable. I will post pictures tomorrow. For now, Season 9 Project Runway, HERE I COME!!!

Baby hats!!

I found the most adorable pattern today, and have started making a baby hat for one of my former teachers. Here’s a link for the pattern:
Anyways, it’s a pretty awesome pattern so far. I look forwards to making many more!!
In other news, I finished my police line scarf, but I’m not terribly impressed. I’m thinking of taking the idea and running with it-basically, redoing it. I just have to wait until I can get more yellow yarn, and until I use up some of my current stash, I cannot justify buying more. So, I’m not going to post photos of it, because I know I can improve it. I will post photos once I get around to making a “good” version. :)


I’m super excited to start a pattern I’ve been meaning to do for awhile–a yellow scarf, with the words POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS stitched on. :D I found this pattern here:
I am almost done with the word “cross” and it’s about 40″ long, so I think I’m only going to add “police line” again at the end without the gap for another word group. I can’t wait to wear it!!

A piece of CAKE

I’m sorry I haven’t posted any carrot pictures yet. I’ve been super busy. (Lame excuse, I know.) But I did start knitting a slice of delicious-looking cake, in honor of my Opa’s 86th birthday. We actually put 86 candles on the cake–it was pretty crazy!! I really like how the pattern is coming out-it’s nit mine though. (A link to the pattern: ) Anyways, I’ll do my best to take photos soon!!


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Also, I made a cupcake with a wrapper! I’m not too thrilled with how it came out, but it’s ok for a first attempt. I really like how the icing came out, but the wrapper is not that practical to get on/off, so if I want to make another one I would make it with no bottom part of the cupcake, and sew the icing directly to the wrapper. There’s a photo or two of the first attempt above.


Well, my family left today for the next leg of their journey-Disneyland!! I’ll bet they all sleep well tonight… :) It’s kinda lonely now, without the cousins tearing around the house. But we’ll see them again on Saturday. :D

As for crafting, I am working on a knitted carrot courtesy of Amigurumi Knits. It’s HUGE!! Way bigger than I was anticipating, but really fun to make. I love working short rows (as long as you don’t get lost) and with a Kitchener stitch closure, it looks awesome. I’ll add some pics tomorrow when the light improves.

For now, おやすみなさい!!

Update: Photos at last!!

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Still alive!!

Well, I don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but if you do, I am still alive. I have family visiting from out of town, so it’s been crazy. :) But I love it!!

Anyways, I love summer for many reasons, #1 being MORE FREE TIME!!! Which means that on top of more knitting/crocheting, I have had more reading time. AWESOME!!! My sister and mother both devoured The Hunger Games, and so did I. All three books in 7 days. :D (I didn’t come up for air very often.) That series is incredible. If you haven’t read them yet, GO READ THEM!!! I strongly advise getting all three at once, because you can’t stop reading. I swear, those books are addictive.

But I haven’t been only reading. I’ve also crocheted a few hand grenades. I really like how they are coming out!! I’ll post pics soon.
My sweater has come to a standstill. It is WAY too hot, and I’m not quite sure about my finger. Oh well! I’ll finish eventually…
I did crochet another scarf for the SO. ^_^ I did it lengthwise-it took forever to finish a row!! We’ll see how long it takes before I decide that’s a good idea again.

update: pictures!

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Tentatively knitting…

Well, I think I’ve waited to knit about as long as I can, and I REALLY want to finish this darn super-bulky sweater, so… I’m knitting again. Kind of regretting it too, because it is 71 degrees and muggy outside, and I have what is basically a blanket on my lap. :( Not fun, but I want to finish this thing. But, during my crochet-only phase, I came up with a pretty cool pattern for a knitted handgrenade. So I might postpone knitting some more and just work on that. We’ll see…