Photos of Buckbeak

Here are the photos of baby Buckbeak!! I am in love with this little guy, and I’m seriously considering making myself one in brown. Oh, and don’t mind his extra big head…the light grey yarn was a tad thicker than the others.
About halfway through this project, I ran out of the medium grey yarn, and had to run to Michaels to get some more. I was looking through the yarn frantically, trying to find the right one. I started freaking out, because I KNEW that I had gotten the yarn there originally, so unless they discontinued it, it had to be there. If I couldn’t find the right yarn, then I would have been forced to start over on the parts that used that yarn, because this is a gift, so I couldn’t just say “Oh, that’s close enough.” Luckily, I found it. Apparently, the brand had changed their wrapper from grey to beige. NOT COOL. But I did end up finding the correct yarn, so everything is alright.


One comment

  1. whimsicalwitch · August 4, 2011

    He is so precious!

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