My Yiayia is still here, and I’m loving every minute. Later this morning she is going to show me, my sister, and my mom how to make koulourakia, Greek butter cookies, her way. (When she makes them, they always come out FABULOUS.) So I’m really excited!!
Also, she knits differently from me. I use the “Continental method” (that sounds so pretentious!) and I think she knits more “English style”. Either way, we knit differently, and she has been watching me knitting the past few days. So, yesterday, we were watching Finding Nemo, and I got up to get something. When I came back, she had picked up my knitting and was trying it my way. I showed her a couple tips on how to hold the needles/yarn, and she knit a whole row! It was pretty neat to be able to show her something new.


Anything to say?

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