I was really excited to start the construction of my armadillo, when I realized the head is way too small. I guess I was only increasing/decreasing, and forgot the plain knit rows in between. So, I redid the head, which means I have to also redo the ears, because I already sewed them on. I’m starting to run out of yarn, but I don’t want to buy more for one ear. I’m doing my best to use every inch I have left!!
In other news, I’m waiting for the supplies I ordered on Etsy to come. It’s kind of like waiting for Christmas, except I already know what I’m going to get.
I’m slowly making progress with my tank top and sweater as well. The sweater is almost becoming tedious, and the tank top is just crazy–it’s pretty tight, but I have to try it on all the time, because I’m making up the pattern. Yikes. But I am determined to finish both projects…eventually.


Anything to say?

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