Halloween is on it’s way…

I always love Halloween–there are skulls and bats and black cats everywhere, so how can I not? But the best part is making a costume. I was going to be Max, from Where The Wild Things Are, because I already have a hat, but I can’t find a good, not-really-expensive one-piece pajama anywhere and I don’t have time to make one. So instead, I’m being a Hogwarts student. I found these Gryffindor socks at a Halloween store, and I already have everything else except a white blouse. I think it will be easier to find then a pajama though.
Another thing I wanted to mention, Birch Fabrics is having a giveaway on their site. Te fabric is adorable!!
Anyways, I have been ridiculously busy lately, so I’m sorry there isn’t much to post about. I’ve made more beanies, and that’s about it. :( I need to have less homework, and more knitting time!!


Anything to say?

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