So sorry about the last post, which I deleted. It appears that I have been hacked!!! :( hope to remedy this soon. Until then, happy holidays!!



I’ve had barely any time to knit the last few weeks, and I think I was starting to go through withdrawals. Knitting a few flowers with my sister fixed me right up. I am rushing to finish my gifts-waiting on earring hooks!! I’m starting to get nervous, and I’m considering coming up with a back up plan.
I hope everyone is having a great gift-making season!! If you are making something really cool, leave a comment/picture below. I’d love to se what everyone else is making his year!!

That time of year…

Well, it is busy season again!! With AP English (2/3 hrs hw a night) and Sylvia (rehearsals every day) and college applications just turned in and the ACT on Saturday and friends and Christmas coming up, I’ve been slightly swamped. It’s hard to not become overwhelmed. Knitting usually helps. ^_^
I am proud to say that I am making my gifts already, and have at least 85% planned out. I feel so accomplished…
Well, I am still making flower phone charms. They look pretty cool, and I can’t wait to sell them at exhibition day. But that win’t be for a few months…
Hope your holiday planning is going well. Until next time.. <3