I finally finished that striped sweater that I have been working on!! This definitely was not my speediest project, but I am proud of it nonetheless. Here are some photos of the finished product:



I’ll miss this project, but I can move on to other sweaters now. I’ve started one with cables in a wonderfully soft alpaca. I can’t wait to wear it!! It is quite hairy though–after working on it for a few minutes, it looks like I own a beige cat. (*^_^*)



すし が あります! I recently got around to using the pattern I purchased from Mochimochi land, and I LOVE IT!! I made one so far:

I am looking forwards to making many more!! There are two other kinds of food as well… I’ll post pics once I’ve made some.

Gloves Galore!!

Well, I made these quite a while ago, but it seems I never got around to posting about them. My apologies.

I found his wonderful pattern in the book Knitting to Share (by Gerard Allt) for fingerless gloves, unfortunately for men. I tweaked the pattern a bit and made several pairs in my size. I was at my grandparents house for about a week and used the yarn I brought, hence the consistent color scheme. They were really fast and fun to make. Here’s a photo:


I would love to some of these in my Etsy shop-I did edit the pattern quite heavily. We shall see whether or not I do.

Anyways, I’ve been working on some fun patterns lately. One is for a 26″ long knitted humpback whale… I’ll post more later. Have a great day!

So many hats!!

Well, it has been way too long. I thought I would be less busy without AP English, but I have been thoroughly enjoying my newfound free time-reading, knitting, sleeping.
Anyways, I’ll update you guys slowly.

For today- BEANIES!! I have been crocheting beanies for soldiers overseas non-stop. (Beanies make a great travel project!) Remember me posting about it earlier? If not, here’s a link to the post.

Anyways, here’s a photo of some of the hats I’ve made so far: