Disaster Averted!

Thank goodness, the ‘new’ yarn was not drastically different from the original, so I was able to finish my sweater. It is alpaca, and ridiculously soft. It was wonderful to knit up–not only because it was soft, but it was a fairly quick knit. I probably would have finished it a lot sooner if there hadn’t been that yarn snafu, so don’t use me as a judge of how long it would take to make. :) I add rows to the sleeves to make them longer. At the bottom of this post are some photos of the finished sweater. I show details of the cables and the increasing/decreasing in the back.

Also, I finally finished my whale!! It ended up being 32″ long. He is wonderfully huggable. I really liked this pattern, and if if wasn’t so huge I’d probably make another one. Here’s the website for the pattern ( http://becbrittain.com/blog/hazel-the-humpback/ ) and, of course, some photos.

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Potential disaster…

I’m working on a wonderfully soft sweater, and it was coming along quickly and beautifully–until I ran out of yarn. O.o And yes, there was a dye lot. I tried to order more of the same dye lot, but I’m not exactly sure where I got the yarn originally, so I ended up buying a different dye lot. I’m not sure how different it is–sometimes it looks the same, sometimes it looks completely different. It is going to be at the end of the sleeves, and I’m thinking if I do it evenly on both sides, it will be okay. :/ This is a knitters worst nightmare!! Oh well. I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best.

On an entirely different note, I’ve been meaning to add another pattern to my Etsy shop. Any suggestions for what I should do a pattern of? Is there anything you’ve been searching for, but just can’t find? If your suggestion gets chosen, you get a 50% discount on the pattern. And I might pick more than one… Leave any suggestions in the comments. : ) Thank you!!