Lately I have been working with my mom and sister, furiously crocheting potholders. We’re going on a trip to visit family, and thought that a pair of handmade potholders would be a nice way to show our love and appreciation. They are a great project to work on while watching TV, because it is simple and repetitive. Here’s the pattern that my Oma and I came up with:

  • Chain 31
  • Tunisian crochet for 28ish rows (until square)
  • Single crochet a border, however wide you want it.
  • Ex:
  • Single crochet 28 in the loops
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 27 down side loops
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 28 across bottom
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 26, slip
  • Ch 1, sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 28
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 29
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 30
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 28, slip
  • Cut yarn
  • Sew plastic loop onto the corner.

Hope you have fun making your own pair!!


So little time…

Well, let’s just say that the end of senior year has been complete insanity. I had no idea how busy it was going to be!! I just got back from orientation at UC San Diego (yay Revelle!!) and realized I haven’t posted in way too long. I’ve been running around like nobody’s business, so my knitting time has been severely limited. I made a cupcake for a friend’s birthday, and I’m working on a green dragon, but other than that, not much has happened. I have a picture that shows most of the dragons I’ve made so far:

I’ve kept at least one of each color, so I can post a photo once I’ve finished a green one as well. I also want to try a black one… maybe I should call it Shruikan?

Anyways, I’m hoping that now that it’s SUMMER(!!!!) I will have at least a bit more free time. Not only for crocheting, but also reading. I have an extensive list I would love to put a dent in, and I’m starting a new book club. Next on my Christmas list… time turner!!