Pannier update…

Remember how I was going to sew a pannier/messenger bag? I found my messenger bag from last year, and realized that I really don’t need TWO messenger bags. So I decided instead of sewing a whole bag, why not do a sleeve to protect my laptop while it’s in my other bag? I found this super plush padding, about an inch thick, and started sewing. It was a pain in the tooshie–the thread kept breaking, the foot got caught in the fluff, my machine jammed, and it was difficult to maneuver because it was so thick. When I slid my laptop inside to test it (I had just sewn across the bottom) IT DIDN’T FIT!!! The bag was about 1/2″ too short. Thank goodness I wasn’t any further along–as it was, I was extremely frustrated.

But right then, I had a brilliant idea. I drew up my own pattern for a sleeve. However, I didn’t have any padding left. Then I realized that the laptop case I already have would be perfect. It didn’t work before because I couldn’t put anything else in the case, but if I put the case inside another bag, it works just fine. So I now have my own, improvised version of the one I was planning on making.

Ta da!






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