On the Sidelines

During my last trip to the climbing gym, I managed, through sheer determination, (I’m a Taurus, what can I say?) to remove a dime-sized chunk of skin from the middle segment of my middle finger on my right hand. (No, I’m not going to post a picture–I’ll leave it to your imagination.) I had been trying the same move over and over–I was so close! Then my hand decided I was done for the night. It wasn’t that big of a deal–despite looking pretty bad, it didn’t really bleed, and while hydrogen peroxide burned like fire, it only hurts if I forget about it and use that finger–opening a drawer, closing a door, etc. Or knitting. I’m terribly sad to report that I am pretty darn incapable of knitting for a while, as I can’t really bend my finger. Well, I can, but it hurts. So technically I can knit, but very slowly, and it hurts. So I won’t. Which means that my Dalek is postponed even more. But never fear! I have tons of books to read, and I should be in prime knitting form soon.


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