What have I been up to?

I finished my dino, with plenty of time to spare before Christmas. ;D

In other exciting news, I am teaching one of my suitemates how to crochet! She’s really good at it, and is already working on her first project. She wanted to make a voodoo doll for her art class, and so I came up with my own pattern for a person. I have made so many amigurumi by making separate pieces for the head, body, arms, and legs, and decided to try making this one in a continuous piece.

It was my first attempt, and I am extremely pleased with how well it came out! In fact, I decided that this pattern can’t be for a voodoo doll, because it is way too realistic–it would be too creepy. So I was glad when she decided to make it a regular doll–apparently, too many people gave her weird looks when she said she was making a voodoo doll!

He looked so sad and naked sitting there, so I decided to make him a little trench coat. Don’t ask me why I choose such ambitious projects–I’ve never sewn a sleeve before in my life! I found a photo of a pattern and printed it out to be the right size, and then adjusted it so it fit him. I then sewed a prototype out of muslin. I’ll do pockets, and probably use ribbon for a belt, but I decided to keep it pretty simple because it’s microscopic.


Right now it looks like he’s wearing a bathrobe, but hey, it’s a work in progress! Eventually I want to get a remnant of a dark blue pinstripe as well and I’ll make him a little suit… he can be the Tenth Doctor!!



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  2. Frances Lai · October 12, 2015

    Hey! I love the doll you made here. I’m actually looking to make a few voodoo dolls for Halloween, and I like it precisely because it looks realistic, making it all the more creepy. Do you mind sharing the pattern?

    • Em1k0 · October 13, 2015

      I would love to! Let me make sure I have it typed up somewhere in a coherent manner, then I’d be glad to share the pattern. ^_^ I’d love to see what you make from it!

      • Frances Lai · October 16, 2015

        Amazing, that would be great! I’ll be sure to show you my finished product :)

      • Frances Lai · October 22, 2015

        Hi again! Any chance you found the written pattern? I’m not a pro crocheter like you, so wanted to give myself enough time to make it before Halloween ;)

      • Em1k0 · October 22, 2015

        I’m sorry I meant to comment back!! I figured it’d be easier to put the pattern in a post rather than try to put it in the comments, so here it is;
        https://em1k0.wordpress.com/2015/10/17/no-tricks-just-treats/ Best of luck!! If anything is unclear just ask me. ^_^

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