Rainy day

One of my favorite things to do on a rainy day is go to a museum, so I got the 10-day pass for the National Gallery (which grants access to all the exhibits). I’m glad I did, because the two hours I spent there today wasn’t enough to get through one exhibit, so I’m going to have to go back and finish up tmw. 

I took a lot of photos with my phone, and of course they don’t come close to doing the art any justice, they’re more of a reminder of what I saw. Especially since most of the photos are taken through glass–reflections are easy for eyes to see through, but are very distracting to cameras. Here’s a link to my Flickr account, where I’ve posted the photos from the exhibit (plus some cool architecture): https://flickr.com/photos/80608504@N07/sets/72157685657907475

I’m really looking forward to exploring the other exhibits in the next few days–the museum is only a few stops from where I’m staying, and is open 10-6. I do want to explore the city itself as well, but now I have a backup plan for the days that are too rainy to get out my camera. 


Bon Voyage!

Heading off on an international adventure tomorrow, so I’ve got to put all my crafty projects on hold for a few weeks. I’ll have my journal and camera with me, but that’s about it! I’ll try to keep y’all updated as I go. 


My latest endeavor involves a pattern that can theoretically continue indefinitely and a ONE POUND skein of yarn… I’m either gonna end up with the most epic shawl ever, or some wicked hand cramps.