No Tricks, Just Treats

Awhile back I made a pattern for a humanoid–aka anything vaguely person-shaped–and I’ve used it to make Deadpool, Punisher, etc. Someone recently asked if I would be willing to share the pattern, so here it is! This is a rather rough pattern–I haven’t used it recently, but it should be fairly accurate. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If I find myself with any free time I’ll try it out again myself and polish up the pattern (add photos, etc). Don’t hold your breath though, because I have had little to no free time lately. I guess that’s what happens when you sign up for 22 units and still work 20 hours a week? I’m just trying to cram as much as possible into my last year. Anyways, here’s the pattern! I’d love to see what you guys make from it since it’s so versatile. Enjoy!! Humanoid Pattern pdf

IMG_0670 IMG_4668IMG_5830


Only 4 hours of sleep…

Well, last night I gave little Buckbeak to his new mommy. She loved him!! It was a sleepover party, and I actually made it all night with no sleep. I made it to six o’clock, watched the sunrise with my friends, and slept for 4 hours, then managed to function for the rest of the day without a nap. Needless to say, I’m 100% ready for bed!!
My next project (I think) will be little fruit keychains. I’ve made a few strawberries, and they’re adorable. We’ll see how well the other fruits/veggies work out.

Photos of Buckbeak

Here are the photos of baby Buckbeak!! I am in love with this little guy, and I’m seriously considering making myself one in brown. Oh, and don’t mind his extra big head…the light grey yarn was a tad thicker than the others.
About halfway through this project, I ran out of the medium grey yarn, and had to run to Michaels to get some more. I was looking through the yarn frantically, trying to find the right one. I started freaking out, because I KNEW that I had gotten the yarn there originally, so unless they discontinued it, it had to be there. If I couldn’t find the right yarn, then I would have been forced to start over on the parts that used that yarn, because this is a gift, so I couldn’t just say “Oh, that’s close enough.” Luckily, I found it. Apparently, the brand had changed their wrapper from grey to beige. NOT COOL. But I did end up finding the correct yarn, so everything is alright.

Buckbeak Amigurumi!!

I decided to crochet the most adorable baby Buckbeak for my friend’s birthday. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan, and I think she’ll love him! The only reason I can bear to part with him is that I know he’s going to a good home. ^_^ Here’s a link to the pattern:
Honestly, YOU SHOULD MAKE ONE. I want to make another one. They are so freaking adorable. I will post pictures tomorrow. For now, Season 9 Project Runway, HERE I COME!!!