I have finally decided to embark on my very first yarn-bombing adventure. In Revelle there is a long-standing tradition of painting the anchor that stands in Anchor Courtyard. (Bet you can’t guess where the courtyard got its name.) I decided to step it up a bit, and yarnbomb the anchor instead of just painting it. Unfortunately, about a week ago, the anchor was vandalized–the paint was peeled off down to the metal, but only in spots. As I said, this is a long-standing tradition–there’s about two inches worth of paint on the anchor. The result of peeling off patches? It looks really sad and lopsided. It’s just the motivation I need to get going with my project! I may have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I’ll figure it out as I go. And hopefully make the anchor look a little better in the process.

As for that darn Dalek… I’m working on it, I swear.