Happy Birthday Mike Dirnt!!

Mike is the AWESOME bassist for Green Day, the best band ever. :D
And today is also a late start! I woke up 1/2 hour past my alarm and freaked out. Then my parents reminded me that it is not necessary to wake up until at least another hour. Yay! But I can’t fall asleep now, so… I might knit. :)
I’m also going to ride my bike to and from school today. Fun fun fun…?



I’m ready for bed. I really don’t want to say what I did today, b/c none of it was mindshatteringly fantastic. But I did ride my bike home from school. Ok. Good night. :)


Well, I went on a bike ride this morning from my house to school. The way there is all uphill, which means the way back is AWESOME!!
I also had to clean up my room big time b/c the plumbers come tomorrow. D: yikes.
I am already on the bust of my tank top (YAY!) and am making progress.
Speaking of progress, I finished Grapes of Wrath. I was very dissapionted with the end- Steinbeck doesn’t wrap up a single storyline!!! And the last HW assignment we have is to find all the biblical allusions in the last 4 chapters. Being very non-religious, this should be interesting.
At least I’ll have some absolutely delicious strawberry rhubarb to get me through. It’s one of my new favorite snacks!