SO Scarves and Stitch London

I am thrilled to announce that my knitting group is ready to send off our scarves!! We’ve collected 12, and they’re all ready to go. We just need to decide on a place to send them, and they’re off!! :D I thought this day would never come.
On the other hand, my lovely homework has been keeping my knitting time to a minimum. I’ve been doing a lot of small boring stuff, nothing exciting. Well, except for one thing…
I got the book Stitch London by Lauren O’Farrell!!! I am sooo excited to start knitting up little trinkets for all my friends. They are adorable!!!
Speaking of adorable, I also purchased a MochiMochi pattern–the sushi bar. I couldn’t resist!! So now I have many things to knit, and no time. :/ But, there are only two more weeks in the semester (eeek!!!) and I should have more time next semester. *crosses fingers*
I am also hoping to have a new pattern up on Etsy soon… I hope you like it!!


Still alive!!

Well, I don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but if you do, I am still alive. I have family visiting from out of town, so it’s been crazy. :) But I love it!!

Anyways, I love summer for many reasons, #1 being MORE FREE TIME!!! Which means that on top of more knitting/crocheting, I have had more reading time. AWESOME!!! My sister and mother both devoured The Hunger Games, and so did I. All three books in 7 days. :D (I didn’t come up for air very often.) That series is incredible. If you haven’t read them yet, GO READ THEM!!! I strongly advise getting all three at once, because you can’t stop reading. I swear, those books are addictive.

But I haven’t been only reading. I’ve also crocheted a few hand grenades. I really like how they are coming out!! I’ll post pics soon.
My sweater has come to a standstill. It is WAY too hot, and I’m not quite sure about my finger. Oh well! I’ll finish eventually…
I did crochet another scarf for the SO. ^_^ I did it lengthwise-it took forever to finish a row!! We’ll see how long it takes before I decide that’s a good idea again.

update: pictures!

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