New favorite…

LINGONBERRIES!!!! Another delicious way to eat them: on crepes. (I’m in love!) I might even go as far as to say crepes+lingonberries>mashed potatoes+lingonberries… Maybe not. I’ll have to do a taste test or something.



Made ‘healthy’ crepes this morning- crepes with ham & onions & cheese in the batter!! Delicious. And since they have stuff in them, you have to make them thicker, so I couldn’t eat as many as normal… :) Overall, a success!!


Made and devoured crepes TWICE today. Good thing I have a lot of jam to go through…
Went and saw my sister in her play again. She’s awesome. Also got to rag along to the cast party! In-N-Out (yummy chocolate shake!) and off to a-person-who-shall-remain-anonymous’s house. Then, glowsticks and truth or dare. Good times… And now I’m dead tired, but looking forwards to a bike ride tomorrow. I’ll need to work off some of those crepes! おやすみなさい!!

Mock SAT complete!!

After a delicious breakfast of crepes, I headed to school for the dreaded mock SAT. It wasn’t too bad, actually. I mean, not too bad as far as 5 hours of testing goes. :) But it’s done!! Now I can worry about the practice AP English test on Wednesday… I can’t wait for this month to be over. :D