Cat hat!!

Okay, it’s my friends birthday tomorrow, and she loves cats. So, I’m making her a beanie with cat ears/face!! It’ll be super cute. I’ll post photos when I’m done. :D
In other news, my never ending sweater is ALMOST DONE!! I’m working on the neckband. Then, only the button bands/buttons till I’m done!! So excited.
Also, my school is starting a cafe on campus, and they want to sell my beanies. ^_^ I’m going to be a business person!! I’m freaking out a little bit, but it’s all good. I’ll compose myself.
Anyways, lots of exciting stuff going on!! Hope you have an awesome day.


Baby dragons

My friend is having a costume birthday party on Sunday, and I want to crochet an amigurumi dragon. I am making up my own pattern for it, because I wasn’t in love with any of the ones I found. So far, so good!! For my costume, I want to be Emily the Strange. I’m going to go thrifting today with my mom and sister. I’m going to try to find a simple black tank dress and a straight black wig that’s not too expensive. ^_^ Wish me luck!!

Strawberry Keychain!!

New Etsy listing!! I love making these little guys, and I hope you guys like them too.

Only 4 hours of sleep…

Well, last night I gave little Buckbeak to his new mommy. She loved him!! It was a sleepover party, and I actually made it all night with no sleep. I made it to six o’clock, watched the sunrise with my friends, and slept for 4 hours, then managed to function for the rest of the day without a nap. Needless to say, I’m 100% ready for bed!!
My next project (I think) will be little fruit keychains. I’ve made a few strawberries, and they’re adorable. We’ll see how well the other fruits/veggies work out.

Photos of Buckbeak

Here are the photos of baby Buckbeak!! I am in love with this little guy, and I’m seriously considering making myself one in brown. Oh, and don’t mind his extra big head…the light grey yarn was a tad thicker than the others.
About halfway through this project, I ran out of the medium grey yarn, and had to run to Michaels to get some more. I was looking through the yarn frantically, trying to find the right one. I started freaking out, because I KNEW that I had gotten the yarn there originally, so unless they discontinued it, it had to be there. If I couldn’t find the right yarn, then I would have been forced to start over on the parts that used that yarn, because this is a gift, so I couldn’t just say “Oh, that’s close enough.” Luckily, I found it. Apparently, the brand had changed their wrapper from grey to beige. NOT COOL. But I did end up finding the correct yarn, so everything is alright.


Well, true to my previous statement, I have been only crocheting the last few days. As a result, I have made an octopus family!! Here’s one of them:  He has a slightly bigger blue buddy, and a slightly smaller purple buddy. (Most of the size difference comes from the yarn I used.)


I sold 13 sushi today!! That means $45 for Japan. :) And from hair accessories, about $80 for our club. Awesome!

Here’s the pattern for crocheted sushi: (now you can make some for Japan too!!)


Crochet hook
Dk green yarn
White yarn
3 inside colors (recommended: yellow, green, pink)

Inside segment (make 2 of each)
(Make in 2 diff colors(green/yellow))
Ch 2, sc 2 in 1st
Sc 2 in each.
Using 3rd color(pink),
Ch 2, sc 3 in 1st
Sc 2 in each
Sew one if each color together.
With white:
Sc1, inc all the way around (21)
sc 2 inc repeat (28)
Bind off

Nori (Outside):
1: Ch 11, sc in each
2-23/29ish(long enough to wrap around top & bottom): sc in each (odd # of rows)
Bind off

Sew nori ends together, then top to nori. Start sewing bottom on nori too, stop & stuff, and finish sewing.

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