My Yiayia is amazing

Well, yesterday my Yiayia taughtme and my sister how to make koulourakia, and this morning she showed us how to make moussaka, an eggplant-meat-bechamel sauce concoction. I will have to post recipes/photographs soon. I am having so much fun, and learning so many tricks and tips on cooking. I love my Yiayia!!


Only 4 hours of sleep…

Well, last night I gave little Buckbeak to his new mommy. She loved him!! It was a sleepover party, and I actually made it all night with no sleep. I made it to six o’clock, watched the sunrise with my friends, and slept for 4 hours, then managed to function for the rest of the day without a nap. Needless to say, I’m 100% ready for bed!!
My next project (I think) will be little fruit keychains. I’ve made a few strawberries, and they’re adorable. We’ll see how well the other fruits/veggies work out.