No Tricks, Just Treats

Awhile back I made a pattern for a humanoid–aka anything vaguely person-shaped–and I’ve used it to make Deadpool, Punisher, etc. Someone recently asked if I would be willing to share the pattern, so here it is! This is a rather rough pattern–I haven’t used it recently, but it should be fairly accurate. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If I find myself with any free time I’ll try it out again myself and polish up the pattern (add photos, etc). Don’t hold your breath though, because I have had little to no free time lately. I guess that’s what happens when you sign up for 22 units and still work 20 hours a week? I’m just trying to cram as much as possible into my last year. Anyways, here’s the pattern! I’d love to see what you guys make from it since it’s so versatile. Enjoy!! Humanoid Pattern pdf

IMG_0670 IMG_4668IMG_5830


Doctor Who knitting bonanza!!

Guess what? I finally finished my 3rd TARDIS, fixed up the pattern, and listed it on Etsy! So it’s out there in the big wide world. Want to see what it looks like? Why don’t you go check it out!

As far as the Dalek goes, I undid everything…again. I am going to try with knitting this time–I think that will work better for this shape than crochet. Anyways, I’m still working on it, I promise. At this point, I MUST finish, just because it’s been such a hassle. I am a Taurus, you know. ;)

Getting into the Olympic Spirit

In honor of the Olympics, I decided that it was perfectly appropriate to crochet an Olympic torch. So I did!

Here is the pattern:

Mini Olympic Torch Pattern
by Emi Karydes

Small amounts of yellow (flame) and dark grey (torch) yarn
G crochet hook
Tapestry needle

–For front/back post single crochet, it’s best to look up a tutorial video. It’s a bit confusing to explain in writing. ^_^

I) Chain 2, single crochet 3 into first stitch
Sc 3 around
Increase around (6)
Sc around
*Sc 1, inc* around (9)
Sc 4, decrease 2, sc 1 (7)
Sc 1, inc, sc 5 (8)
Sc 2
Cut yarn, leave medium length tail

II) Chain 2, single crochet 3 into first stitch
Sc 3 around
Increase around (6)
Sc around
*Sc 1, inc* around (9)
Sc around
*Sc 2, inc* around (12)
Sc around
Dec 2, sc 2, inc 2, sc 2 (11)
Sc around

Attaching the two parts:
Sc 7 (from II), sc 8 (around the base of I), sc 5 (from II) (20)
Sew up any gap between the two
Sc around 2 times
*Sc 3, dec* around (16)
*Sc 2, dec* around (12)
Cut yarn

Chain 2, single crochet 3 into first stitch
Sc 3 around
Increase around (6)
Sc around 2 rows
*Sc 1, inc* around (9)
Sc 3 rows
*Sc 2, inc* around (12)
Sc 2 rows
*Sc 3, inc* around (15)
Sc 1 row
*Sc 4, inc* around (18)
Sc 1 row
[*Front post single crochet, back post single crochet* around for 2 rows (makes nice decorative pattern)
OR sc 2 rows]
Sc 1 row
*Sc 5, inc* around (21)
Sc around
Cut yarn, leaving tail to sew with

Stuff the top, gently stuff the bottom, sew the top inside the bottom 2 rows in from the edge, keep stuffing the bottom as you go.
Sing the Olympic theme song to yourself as you hold your Olympic torch aloft!
*Dun, dun, dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dunna dundundundundundundun!*


Lately I have been working with my mom and sister, furiously crocheting potholders. We’re going on a trip to visit family, and thought that a pair of handmade potholders would be a nice way to show our love and appreciation. They are a great project to work on while watching TV, because it is simple and repetitive. Here’s the pattern that my Oma and I came up with:

  • Chain 31
  • Tunisian crochet for 28ish rows (until square)
  • Single crochet a border, however wide you want it.
  • Ex:
  • Single crochet 28 in the loops
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 27 down side loops
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 28 across bottom
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 26, slip
  • Ch 1, sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 28
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 29
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 30
  • Sc 3 in next stitch
  • Sc 28, slip
  • Cut yarn
  • Sew plastic loop onto the corner.

Hope you have fun making your own pair!!


Well, I was exceptionally productive today. I just went to a clothing exchange, so I had several new garments that needed slight tweaking to be perfect. I added a slip to one skirt, turned a dress into a skirt, and relined my crocheted skull bag. Okay, so that last one wasn’t a garment. :) I also posted a new pattern in my Etsy shop! Hope you like it. Anyways, despite getting a bunch of stuff done today, I still feel relaxed and ready for Monday. I hope the week ahead is as fun… I have an AP test on Thursday. Egads. Wish me luck!

Disaster Averted!

Thank goodness, the ‘new’ yarn was not drastically different from the original, so I was able to finish my sweater. It is alpaca, and ridiculously soft. It was wonderful to knit up–not only because it was soft, but it was a fairly quick knit. I probably would have finished it a lot sooner if there hadn’t been that yarn snafu, so don’t use me as a judge of how long it would take to make. :) I add rows to the sleeves to make them longer. At the bottom of this post are some photos of the finished sweater. I show details of the cables and the increasing/decreasing in the back.

Also, I finally finished my whale!! It ended up being 32″ long. He is wonderfully huggable. I really liked this pattern, and if if wasn’t so huge I’d probably make another one. Here’s the website for the pattern ( ) and, of course, some photos.

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すし が あります! I recently got around to using the pattern I purchased from Mochimochi land, and I LOVE IT!! I made one so far:

I am looking forwards to making many more!! There are two other kinds of food as well… I’ll post pics once I’ve made some.

New Pattern!!

Ta da!! A new pattern has been listed in my Etsy shop. I am so excited to be sharing it with you guys!! I’ve made several myself, and love every one. If you want to know what the pattern is for, click the link
And there’s more good news. We have mailed our scarves off to North Dakota!! They should arrive soon. I’m so glad to be able to help out such a great organization I’m already looking forwards to next year!!

SO Scarves and Stitch London

I am thrilled to announce that my knitting group is ready to send off our scarves!! We’ve collected 12, and they’re all ready to go. We just need to decide on a place to send them, and they’re off!! :D I thought this day would never come.
On the other hand, my lovely homework has been keeping my knitting time to a minimum. I’ve been doing a lot of small boring stuff, nothing exciting. Well, except for one thing…
I got the book Stitch London by Lauren O’Farrell!!! I am sooo excited to start knitting up little trinkets for all my friends. They are adorable!!!
Speaking of adorable, I also purchased a MochiMochi pattern–the sushi bar. I couldn’t resist!! So now I have many things to knit, and no time. :/ But, there are only two more weeks in the semester (eeek!!!) and I should have more time next semester. *crosses fingers*
I am also hoping to have a new pattern up on Etsy soon… I hope you like it!!

Cat hat!!

Okay, it’s my friends birthday tomorrow, and she loves cats. So, I’m making her a beanie with cat ears/face!! It’ll be super cute. I’ll post photos when I’m done. :D
In other news, my never ending sweater is ALMOST DONE!! I’m working on the neckband. Then, only the button bands/buttons till I’m done!! So excited.
Also, my school is starting a cafe on campus, and they want to sell my beanies. ^_^ I’m going to be a business person!! I’m freaking out a little bit, but it’s all good. I’ll compose myself.
Anyways, lots of exciting stuff going on!! Hope you have an awesome day.