Pannier Party!!


So, I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a good pannier, but haven’t found exactly what I want… until I read the Craft email a few weeks ago. This pannier is PERFECT!!! It is a messenger bag/pannier/laptop case. And best of all, I have about 2/3rds of the materials already! I am so excited to start working on it.

And that dog is ADORABLE!!

In other news, my Dalek pattern is, well… at a standstill. It’s not coming out quite as I imagined, and I’ve had to frog-and-recrochet so many parts my hands were dying, so I’m giving it some time. I’ll come back to it when I’ve forgotten how cramped my hands were. I’m bummed, because I was really looking forward to the finished product, but that’s life. Not everything will come out nicely on the first try.


Dragons and Daleks and buttons, oh my!

Well, my family went up to my grandparents house unexpectedly last Thursday, and we’re still there. It’s been lots of fun, but I didn’t expect to be here so long, and didn’t bring much yarn. :( I did, however, have enough time to finish a yellow dragon for my friend and the black dragon I’ve been working on for a while. I don’t have a camera, so I improvised and used the camera on my laptop. I apologize for the terrible quality, but it’s better than nothing!

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(The Dalek base is folded in half)

In other news, the Dalek is coming along okay… my first attempt looked good at first, but 1) I ran out of the dark brown yarn and 2) for some reason the proportions are WAY off. I want it to be accurate (12 sides, and 4 dots per side) but it looks too short. I decided that instead of crocheting the dots into the sides, I will use buttons or crochet dots to add later. Only problem… 12×4=48! That is a lot of buttons. I’m thinking of going to a thrift store and getting mixed buttons. We shall see what works best.

So little time…

Well, let’s just say that the end of senior year has been complete insanity. I had no idea how busy it was going to be!! I just got back from orientation at UC San Diego (yay Revelle!!) and realized I haven’t posted in way too long. I’ve been running around like nobody’s business, so my knitting time has been severely limited. I made a cupcake for a friend’s birthday, and I’m working on a green dragon, but other than that, not much has happened. I have a picture that shows most of the dragons I’ve made so far:

I’ve kept at least one of each color, so I can post a photo once I’ve finished a green one as well. I also want to try a black one… maybe I should call it Shruikan?

Anyways, I’m hoping that now that it’s SUMMER(!!!!) I will have at least a bit more free time. Not only for crocheting, but also reading. I have an extensive list I would love to put a dent in, and I’m starting a new book club. Next on my Christmas list… time turner!!


すし が あります! I recently got around to using the pattern I purchased from Mochimochi land, and I LOVE IT!! I made one so far:

I am looking forwards to making many more!! There are two other kinds of food as well… I’ll post pics once I’ve made some.

Gloves Galore!!

Well, I made these quite a while ago, but it seems I never got around to posting about them. My apologies.

I found his wonderful pattern in the book Knitting to Share (by Gerard Allt) for fingerless gloves, unfortunately for men. I tweaked the pattern a bit and made several pairs in my size. I was at my grandparents house for about a week and used the yarn I brought, hence the consistent color scheme. They were really fast and fun to make. Here’s a photo:


I would love to some of these in my Etsy shop-I did edit the pattern quite heavily. We shall see whether or not I do.

Anyways, I’ve been working on some fun patterns lately. One is for a 26″ long knitted humpback whale… I’ll post more later. Have a great day!

TARDIS complete!!

I adjusted the pattern from Stitch London for the phone booth (used dark blue, not red) and knit myself a TARDIS.



My Hats (so far…)

These are the three hats I’ve made so far for the servicemen. I like the pattern because it is fast (all double crochets) and really basic. It’s perfect for working on during class. ^_^ I hope that some of you can
Make these hats too!! (There’s a link for the website I’m the previous post.)


The chicken made it to the other side!

Well, I finished knitting my chicken sweater!! And I was fortunate enough to have a model on hand. Meet Gock-a-loo, my rooster. He isn’t quite the proportions of a “normal” chicken, but he’s close enough for you to get the idea. Doesn’t he look dapper?