Batty for October! But a bit belated…

So, I just found this post, and I guess it has been sitting here, gathering cyber-dust, while I thought I had already published it… So I guess better late than never. Here it is:

I wanted to knit a bat, in honor of the upcoming holiday… and came up with my own pattern! It’s not perfect, so I haven’t written it up yet. I need to make a few tweaks to the head and wings. Here’s my prototype, Stellaluna, named after one of my favorite books:

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Doctor Who knitting bonanza!!

Guess what? I finally finished my 3rd TARDIS, fixed up the pattern, and listed it on Etsy! So it’s out there in the big wide world. Want to see what it looks like? Why don’t you go check it out!

As far as the Dalek goes, I undid everything…again. I am going to try with knitting this time–I think that will work better for this shape than crochet. Anyways, I’m still working on it, I promise. At this point, I MUST finish, just because it’s been such a hassle. I am a Taurus, you know. ;)

Waste Not, Want Not

I absolutely LOVE the book AwareKnits, by Adrienne Armstrong and Vicki Howell. The patterns are cute and fun to make, and there are lots of cool facts and tips about eco-friendly knitting. One of my favorite patterns is the “Waste Not, Want Not” fingerless gloves. The fair-isle pattern is designed to use up any scrap yarn, and is challenging without being frustrating. The best part- they knit up surprisingly quickly for size 1 needles and sock weight yarn!
Here are some photos of the finished project:

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[I would like to thank my mom for helping me with the photography.  :)]

My babies…

Home again! Once I got my hands on a decent camera, I took photos of my baby dragons. I’ve kept one of each color I’ve ever made, and they are so cute all together!

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I also took nicer pictures of the little yellow guy for my friend. (He’s the one by himself.)

I have so much fun making these guys in different colors. Each one has a different personality!

Getting into the Olympic Spirit

In honor of the Olympics, I decided that it was perfectly appropriate to crochet an Olympic torch. So I did!

Here is the pattern:

Mini Olympic Torch Pattern
by Emi Karydes

Small amounts of yellow (flame) and dark grey (torch) yarn
G crochet hook
Tapestry needle

–For front/back post single crochet, it’s best to look up a tutorial video. It’s a bit confusing to explain in writing. ^_^

I) Chain 2, single crochet 3 into first stitch
Sc 3 around
Increase around (6)
Sc around
*Sc 1, inc* around (9)
Sc 4, decrease 2, sc 1 (7)
Sc 1, inc, sc 5 (8)
Sc 2
Cut yarn, leave medium length tail

II) Chain 2, single crochet 3 into first stitch
Sc 3 around
Increase around (6)
Sc around
*Sc 1, inc* around (9)
Sc around
*Sc 2, inc* around (12)
Sc around
Dec 2, sc 2, inc 2, sc 2 (11)
Sc around

Attaching the two parts:
Sc 7 (from II), sc 8 (around the base of I), sc 5 (from II) (20)
Sew up any gap between the two
Sc around 2 times
*Sc 3, dec* around (16)
*Sc 2, dec* around (12)
Cut yarn

Chain 2, single crochet 3 into first stitch
Sc 3 around
Increase around (6)
Sc around 2 rows
*Sc 1, inc* around (9)
Sc 3 rows
*Sc 2, inc* around (12)
Sc 2 rows
*Sc 3, inc* around (15)
Sc 1 row
*Sc 4, inc* around (18)
Sc 1 row
[*Front post single crochet, back post single crochet* around for 2 rows (makes nice decorative pattern)
OR sc 2 rows]
Sc 1 row
*Sc 5, inc* around (21)
Sc around
Cut yarn, leaving tail to sew with

Stuff the top, gently stuff the bottom, sew the top inside the bottom 2 rows in from the edge, keep stuffing the bottom as you go.
Sing the Olympic theme song to yourself as you hold your Olympic torch aloft!
*Dun, dun, dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dunna dundundundundundundun!*


I found some ridiculously fuzzy yarn in the stash, so I did what anyone else would do–I made a fuzzy panda hat.

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I really like it, but the yarn was not much fun to work with. It was kind of like crocheting with velcro. I’ll have to come up with some other way to use it. Maybe I’ll make more pandas. Now that I have the pattern, there should be a lot less frogging involved. (Frogging=unknitting/crocheting- you “rip it” (ribbit) (that’s the sound it makes)) Wow, that was a lot of parentheses.
Anyways, I am currently working on my own pattern for a crocheted loch ness monster, so keep an eye out for that. I’ll post it in my Etsy shop when it’s all done. :D I’m also working on getting everything ready for Exhibition Day–there’s a lot of pricing in my future… Hope you have a great day!!


Well, Exhibition Day is coming up, so I thought I’d whip up some more of these gloves. To shake things up a bit, I added stripes. With the seed stitch, it almost looks checkerboard! I love them, and must admit I’m keeping a pair for myself. 

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Disaster Averted!

Thank goodness, the ‘new’ yarn was not drastically different from the original, so I was able to finish my sweater. It is alpaca, and ridiculously soft. It was wonderful to knit up–not only because it was soft, but it was a fairly quick knit. I probably would have finished it a lot sooner if there hadn’t been that yarn snafu, so don’t use me as a judge of how long it would take to make. :) I add rows to the sleeves to make them longer. At the bottom of this post are some photos of the finished sweater. I show details of the cables and the increasing/decreasing in the back.

Also, I finally finished my whale!! It ended up being 32″ long. He is wonderfully huggable. I really liked this pattern, and if if wasn’t so huge I’d probably make another one. Here’s the website for the pattern ( ) and, of course, some photos.

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I finally finished that striped sweater that I have been working on!! This definitely was not my speediest project, but I am proud of it nonetheless. Here are some photos of the finished product:



I’ll miss this project, but I can move on to other sweaters now. I’ve started one with cables in a wonderfully soft alpaca. I can’t wait to wear it!! It is quite hairy though–after working on it for a few minutes, it looks like I own a beige cat. (*^_^*)

So many hats!!

Well, it has been way too long. I thought I would be less busy without AP English, but I have been thoroughly enjoying my newfound free time-reading, knitting, sleeping.
Anyways, I’ll update you guys slowly.

For today- BEANIES!! I have been crocheting beanies for soldiers overseas non-stop. (Beanies make a great travel project!) Remember me posting about it earlier? If not, here’s a link to the post.

Anyways, here’s a photo of some of the hats I’ve made so far: