Essay Tea?

I actually took the SAT today… HOLY CRAP. O.o It was bizarre, b/c 90% of the kids were from nearby schools, and there were almost none from my school, even though it was on my campus. Very odd.
Knit a tiny bear today! So cute. ( )
Very tired, and tomorrow’s Mother’s Day. :) I love my mother!!!!



I finally got the guinea pig right!! I’ll post it at the end. ^.^
Tomorrow I take the SAT- YIKES! I think I’m ready though. I hope. :)
here’s the pattern:

Update: I’ve decided to sell my pattern on Etsy, and feel it would be counter-productive to post it here as well. :( sorry. Here’s a link to my Etsy:

Update: pics!!






Mock SAT complete!!

After a delicious breakfast of crepes, I headed to school for the dreaded mock SAT. It wasn’t too bad, actually. I mean, not too bad as far as 5 hours of testing goes. :) But it’s done!! Now I can worry about the practice AP English test on Wednesday… I can’t wait for this month to be over. :D

Later that night…

A somewhat successful night.
Caught up on In Plain Sight, in preparation for season 4 starting on Sunday, knit a bunch on my tank top (already at the bodice!!), and got my calculator and pencils ready for the mock SAT tomorrow. Didn’t do a speck of studying. :) But I’m starting to think I’ll be ok. Just don’t tell anyone…
Ok, it’s late, and I need sleep. So I’ll see how I do tomorrow. And I’ll know for sure in 10 days! Too bad the real SAT is in 7. <3


It’s almost the weekend!! And to make my day even more awesome, I only heard the awful song that has been plaguing my school for the past few weeks (hint: it’s a day of the week) ONCE!! It seems as if our society is starting to recover from this traumatic event.
And the royal wedding was today. I don’t really care, but Kate’s dress was pretty.
And, the practice SAT is tomorrow. Gotta go study!!


Day numero uno! I’m going to leave for school soon, so this is going to be short… nothing big planned for today. Just another Friday!! But I am taking a practice SAT tomorrow, so….. I’ll be doing a LOT of math review today! Have a great day. ^.^