Marvelous Möbiuses!!

Well, after seeing it around for awhile, I finally decided to test out the ‘knook,’ an intriguing mix of a knitting needle and a crochet hook. It was pretty simple to use, but is a pretty unwieldy way to knit. It would be great for anyone transitioning from knitting to crocheting, or someone that is traveling, because you don’t have to worry about two needles, and could knit or crochet.
I tested it out with a möbius scarf, but I ended up switching to regular needles, because it was not very efficient. I managed to finish it today–I was catching up on TV shows. I am in love with the series Grimm. The only problem is, I have to be careful not to stab myself every time I jump.
I also made myself a möbius headband. It is very subtle, but very needy. I love it!! If you don’t know what a möbius strip is, click here. It’s pretty amazing. Also, I looked up the plural of möbius. It is möbiuses, but I thought it would be much cooler if it was möbii (like cacti). Oh well, I suppose the double ‘i’ is a bit awkward. 😉



I’m super excited to start a pattern I’ve been meaning to do for awhile–a yellow scarf, with the words POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS stitched on. :D I found this pattern here:
I am almost done with the word “cross” and it’s about 40″ long, so I think I’m only going to add “police line” again at the end without the gap for another word group. I can’t wait to wear it!!