New year, new projects…and some old.

I hope you had a wonderful and safe New Year’s. I sure did–I was knitting while waiting for midnight. I found and adapted an excellent pattern for fingerless gloves, possibly my favorite ever. I’ve made four pairs already, and I’m on my fifth. They are super fast and fairly simple.
I also came up with a crochet pattern for a baby dragon, fitting perfectly with the beginning of the year of the dragon. Here’s a photo of the two I’ve made:

I’m thinking of putting the pattern on Etsy, so there can be lots of baby dragons roaming around. :D
Anyways, school starts up again tomorrow. I’ll once again be swamped with homework. Hopefully I’ll still have time to create some cool stuff. I’m still working on that striped sweater…I just need buttons. :) I’m excited to finally be able to wear it, because I feel like I’ve been working on it forever. Good thing it’s been a fun process.


That time of year…

Well, it is busy season again!! With AP English (2/3 hrs hw a night) and Sylvia (rehearsals every day) and college applications just turned in and the ACT on Saturday and friends and Christmas coming up, I’ve been slightly swamped. It’s hard to not become overwhelmed. Knitting usually helps. ^_^
I am proud to say that I am making my gifts already, and have at least 85% planned out. I feel so accomplished…
Well, I am still making flower phone charms. They look pretty cool, and I can’t wait to sell them at exhibition day. But that win’t be for a few months…
Hope your holiday planning is going well. Until next time.. <3

Sleep deprived?? Never…

Well, this whole two-AP-classes-and-a-play experiment has been very interesting. Final results: it works excellently, as long as you don’t plan on sleeping. Ever. My knitting has been limited to during class (I still pay attention, don’t worry!) so there isn’t much to update about all of that. I’m still working on beanies, as well as some side projects. Still waiting for my phone charm straps, but they should be getting here any day now. :)
With that, I wish you all a good night. -.-zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hello there!

Sorry it’s been so long. School started, and put a damper on crafting, as well as just about everything else. Two AP classes=TONS of homework. Since the strawberry key chains I have also done watermelon slices, but I’m not quite happy with how they’ve come out. I made up the pattern myself, because I couldn’t find one, and I think I know why I couldn’t-it’s really hard!! I still love the strawberrries. So, I have also been (slowly) working on my huge sweater, and last night my hand was cramping again. Not fun… My tank top is also coming alng nicely. Still looks like a blob, but I might post a pic anyways so you can see the pattern. I wore the grey one I made the other day, and got quite a few comments on it. :D
So, I’d say the most exciting thing that has happen recently is Mameshiba. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a few minutes to watch this video: . You will thank me!! Anyways, I have decided that it is my new mission in life to try and make one of each. There are twenty. I’m not sure if I can, but I’m going to try. I don’t know how I’ll do the glasses, but I’ll worry about that when I get there. For now, I started number one, the green pea, but I need more 6mm eyes, so I’m stuck. I ordered some, as well as cell phone charm straps. I’m going to make these guys not phone charms!! Stay updated, because I’m going to be posting some in Etsy as soon as I can.
Outside of crafting, I have some exciting news. My sister, my best friend, and I all auditioned for the after school play, Sylvia. (link to Wikipedia page: ) And there are only four female roles. So… WE ALL MADE IT!! I couldn’t believe it. Now I’m going to have even less time, but it is so worth it!!
Well, that’s about it. My classes are all really fun, and I am starting to prepare for college applications… Sort of. :) I’ll check back in soon, I hope.

Taking care of business…

Well, I had to go to school today to get my tentative schedule and turn in various forms. As a bonus, I got to see all my friends again!! Well, not all, but quite a few. It makes me excited to start school again, as weird as that sounds. But, true to my teenage nature, I went to the pool with my best friend after. We might as well make the best of summer while it lasts!! Tomorrow I take my senior pictures, and Tuesday is the official start of school year 2011-2012.
On a craftier note, I have started construction on a crocheted tank top. It’s dark blue, with dark blue stripes. Ok, you kinda need to see it. I’ll post pictures soon, when it looks like more than a rectangular blob. But to get there, I seriously need some sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…

AP US History test…

99% of my AP English class is also in APUSH, and the test is today. 9 people came to class today. Yay for knitting and watching a game of scrabble!! Guinea pig is on it’s way, I promise. :)