Exciting Adventures

So, I have had quite an busy year so far, leaving me not nearly enough time to make stuff. Also, due to practical reasons, I have been doing more watercoloring and less crocheting. Main reason: watercolors take up a LOT less room than a yarn stash, and my room doesn’t have much space to spare. So I don’t really have any crazy updates. I learned a new (and AWESOME) stitch, instructions here. It’s called crocodile stitch, and I think I’m obsessed. I want to make a bazillion things… but I need to figure out how to increase/decrease.

Other than that, I made a few dinosaurs for my sister (besides the brachiosaurus, I also made a triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex.) I watercolored Lady Gaga for my best friend, and a lot of random water-doodles, but… I can’t think of anything else worth sharing. I’m hoping that will change, seeing as how I’m only taking 19 units this quarter… (the second half of that sentence is completely sarcastic, in case that was confusing.) I’m starting to not make sense. It’s late. I am going to go to sleep now. Good thing about tomorrow? Saturday! Perfect for procrastinating and crafting. Lookout world, here I-zzzzzzzzz