Still making scarves!

I am sick and tired of tucking in ends. One of the byproducts of making a two color scarf is a MILLION ENDS. So I decided to make a scarf with the red and blue yarn at the same time. That way, only 4 ends, or 2 if you tuck in both at once. (I do them separately, because I feel that it looks better, but it really doesn’t matter.) Because I used two yarns, I used a much bigger needle to keep the fabric soft. Here’s the pattern, so that you can make a bunch too!! Oh, and they are really fast to make. Mine only took three hours, and that includes tucking in ends.

Worsted yarn in the colors decided on by the Special Olympics scarf people (link: )
Size 17 needles

Cast on 13 sts
*Knit, purl* repeat across (work in seed stitch)
Repeat until 54-60″ long
Cut yarn, tuck in ends.

See, it’s easy!! Great to make while watching a TV show, because it requires very little cognitive function. ^_^


Special olympic scarves

I started working on a scarf today. I haven’t made one in awhile, because I have WAY too many. But I have a plan for this one, and the many scarves to follow. The special olympics has a program that asks people (like you or me) to make scarves and send them in. Then, all the athletes and people involved get a scarf!! There are more specifics and details on the website:
I’m really excited for this!!!