すし が あります! I recently got around to using the pattern I purchased from Mochimochi land, and I LOVE IT!! I made one so far:

I am looking forwards to making many more!! There are two other kinds of food as well… I’ll post pics once I’ve made some.


SO Scarves and Stitch London

I am thrilled to announce that my knitting group is ready to send off our scarves!! We’ve collected 12, and they’re all ready to go. We just need to decide on a place to send them, and they’re off!! :D I thought this day would never come.
On the other hand, my lovely homework has been keeping my knitting time to a minimum. I’ve been doing a lot of small boring stuff, nothing exciting. Well, except for one thing…
I got the book Stitch London by Lauren O’Farrell!!! I am sooo excited to start knitting up little trinkets for all my friends. They are adorable!!!
Speaking of adorable, I also purchased a MochiMochi pattern–the sushi bar. I couldn’t resist!! So now I have many things to knit, and no time. :/ But, there are only two more weeks in the semester (eeek!!!) and I should have more time next semester. *crosses fingers*
I am also hoping to have a new pattern up on Etsy soon… I hope you like it!!


I sold 13 sushi today!! That means $45 for Japan. :) And from hair accessories, about $80 for our club. Awesome!

Here’s the pattern for crocheted sushi: (now you can make some for Japan too!!)


Crochet hook
Dk green yarn
White yarn
3 inside colors (recommended: yellow, green, pink)

Inside segment (make 2 of each)
(Make in 2 diff colors(green/yellow))
Ch 2, sc 2 in 1st
Sc 2 in each.
Using 3rd color(pink),
Ch 2, sc 3 in 1st
Sc 2 in each
Sew one if each color together.
With white:
Sc1, inc all the way around (21)
sc 2 inc repeat (28)
Bind off

Nori (Outside):
1: Ch 11, sc in each
2-23/29ish(long enough to wrap around top & bottom): sc in each (odd # of rows)
Bind off

Sew nori ends together, then top to nori. Start sewing bottom on nori too, stop & stuff, and finish sewing.

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I finished my sweater!! I used gold flower buttons, and it fits perfectly!! ^_^ SOOOO happy it fits.
And (31 sushi later) EXHIBITION DAY IS TOMORROW!! Wow. I’m going to make some more sushi today, and then sell them for Japan! I think I’ll sell them for about $3. :D So excited!!!

Friday the 13th…

And Comedy Sportz/Junior Java today!!!
Well, I survived. :) relatively unscathed too!
Unfortunately, I ran out of the Burgundy red heart yarn I’m using for my tank top, so I’m hoping to make a pit stop at michaels tomorrow.
Also, sushi are coming along AWESOME!!!