I was really excited to start the construction of my armadillo, when I realized the head is way too small. I guess I was only increasing/decreasing, and forgot the plain knit rows in between. So, I redid the head, which means I have to also redo the ears, because I already sewed them on. I’m starting to run out of yarn, but I don’t want to buy more for one ear. I’m doing my best to use every inch I have left!!
In other news, I’m waiting for the supplies I ordered on Etsy to come. It’s kind of like waiting for Christmas, except I already know what I’m going to get.
I’m slowly making progress with my tank top and sweater as well. The sweater is almost becoming tedious, and the tank top is just crazy–it’s pretty tight, but I have to try it on all the time, because I’m making up the pattern. Yikes. But I am determined to finish both projects…eventually.


Hello there!

Sorry it’s been so long. School started, and put a damper on crafting, as well as just about everything else. Two AP classes=TONS of homework. Since the strawberry key chains I have also done watermelon slices, but I’m not quite happy with how they’ve come out. I made up the pattern myself, because I couldn’t find one, and I think I know why I couldn’t-it’s really hard!! I still love the strawberrries. So, I have also been (slowly) working on my huge sweater, and last night my hand was cramping again. Not fun… My tank top is also coming alng nicely. Still looks like a blob, but I might post a pic anyways so you can see the pattern. I wore the grey one I made the other day, and got quite a few comments on it. :D
So, I’d say the most exciting thing that has happen recently is Mameshiba. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a few minutes to watch this video: . You will thank me!! Anyways, I have decided that it is my new mission in life to try and make one of each. There are twenty. I’m not sure if I can, but I’m going to try. I don’t know how I’ll do the glasses, but I’ll worry about that when I get there. For now, I started number one, the green pea, but I need more 6mm eyes, so I’m stuck. I ordered some, as well as cell phone charm straps. I’m going to make these guys not phone charms!! Stay updated, because I’m going to be posting some in Etsy as soon as I can.
Outside of crafting, I have some exciting news. My sister, my best friend, and I all auditioned for the after school play, Sylvia. (link to Wikipedia page: ) And there are only four female roles. So… WE ALL MADE IT!! I couldn’t believe it. Now I’m going to have even less time, but it is so worth it!!
Well, that’s about it. My classes are all really fun, and I am starting to prepare for college applications… Sort of. :) I’ll check back in soon, I hope.