Well, I was exceptionally productive today. I just went to a clothing exchange, so I had several new garments that needed slight tweaking to be perfect. I added a slip to one skirt, turned a dress into a skirt, and relined my crocheted skull bag. Okay, so that last one wasn’t a garment. :) I also posted a new patternΒ in my Etsy shop! Hope you like it. Anyways, despite getting a bunch of stuff done today, I still feel relaxed and ready for Monday. I hope the week ahead is as fun… I have an AP test on Thursday. Egads. Wish me luck!



It’s almost the weekend!! And to make my day even more awesome, I only heard the awful song that has been plaguing my school for the past few weeks (hint: it’s a day of the week) ONCE!! It seems as if our society is starting to recover from this traumatic event.
And the royal wedding was today. I don’t really care, but Kate’s dress was pretty.
And, the practice SAT is tomorrow. Gotta go study!!