I have returned from my transcontinental trip! The potholders were perfect–I made enough for everybody, and it was a nice way to say than you to everyone.

While the trip was amazing, I am glad to be home–now I can work on whatever project I want to!! I am starting to create a pattern for a crocheted Dalek. We’ll see how it comes out. I’ve already had to redo some parts, and I’m trying to stay as close to the actual Dalek as I can, but might have to take a few liberties. This is the picture that I am modeling mine after. I figured it would be easier to copy a cartoon version, because it is already simpler than the original.

I am also working on a yellow dragon for a friend of mine. I’ll post a picture of all the different colors I’ve made so far when I’m done. I must admit, I always make two of each color so I can keep one. ^_^

And on top of all of this crafting, I am also hanging out with my cousins for two weeks. Boys, age 5 and 8. They are wonderful, but going to the pool/beach/park every ten minutes is not exactly conducive to much crocheting time. But I still have fun with them, so it’s all worth it.



Well, I have had very little time to do much knitting lately. I have started an armadillo, inspired by Rango. Here’s the pattern (it’s not mine): http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/don-the-dillo-knit-armadillo . I am super excited to see how he comes out!!
In other news, I have been having a blast with my family. My Yiayia showed me how to make tiganopitas last night–SO DELICIOUS!! (They are basically crispy pancake you fry and put feta/parmesan on. How can you go wrong?) I promise, once I have time to type up all these recipes, I will share. But for now, I am enjoying every second with my Yiayia and cousins and aunt and uncle. My cousins and I are now pretty obsessed with the smurf village game. It’s addictive!!
Anyways, it’s late, or early, and I’m tired. おやすみなさい!!

My Yiayia is amazing

Well, yesterday my Yiayia taughtme and my sister how to make koulourakia, and this morning she showed us how to make moussaka, an eggplant-meat-bechamel sauce concoction. I will have to post recipes/photographs soon. I am having so much fun, and learning so many tricks and tips on cooking. I love my Yiayia!!


My Yiayia is still here, and I’m loving every minute. Later this morning she is going to show me, my sister, and my mom how to make koulourakia, Greek butter cookies, her way. (When she makes them, they always come out FABULOUS.) So I’m really excited!!
Also, she knits differently from me. I use the “Continental method” (that sounds so pretentious!) and I think she knits more “English style”. Either way, we knit differently, and she has been watching me knitting the past few days. So, yesterday, we were watching Finding Nemo, and I got up to get something. When I came back, she had picked up my knitting and was trying it my way. I showed her a couple tips on how to hold the needles/yarn, and she knit a whole row! It was pretty neat to be able to show her something new.


Well, the house is in tip top shape now! My Yiayia and cousins are on a plane RIGHT NOW, coming to visit. (My aunt and uncle cone in a few days.) I’M SO EXCITED!!!! My family has been spit polishing the house all day (not literally), and I can’t wait to see them!! My Yiayia is a big knitter/crocheter, so I can’t wait to show her some of the stuff I’ve made. I can’t think of anything else I could possibly do to make the house look better, so I might work on my scarf. I’m on #2 of the easy, no-color-change scarves. I love them!! My Oma is making some as well. :)
While cleaning out the pantry earlier with my dad, I tried to combine two jars of cayenne pepper. Yeah. I got both in one bottle, no problem, all was well, and then when I tried to put the lid on… Well, I’m glad we don’t have a dog. I got it EVERYWHERE and had to wipe/vacuum it all up. I washed my hands thoroughly afterwards, but still got some in my nose. I feel like I’m constantly about to sneeze. I’m just glad it didn’t get into my eye. They’re starting to sting just thinking about it… Anyways, I can’t wait to see everyone!!

BTW, for those of you who don’t know, Yiayia=grandma in Greek, Oma=grandma in German. Both of mine are amazing and knitters. <3


Well, my family left today for the next leg of their journey-Disneyland!! I’ll bet they all sleep well tonight… :) It’s kinda lonely now, without the cousins tearing around the house. But we’ll see them again on Saturday. :D

As for crafting, I am working on a knitted carrot courtesy of Amigurumi Knits. It’s HUGE!! Way bigger than I was anticipating, but really fun to make. I love working short rows (as long as you don’t get lost) and with a Kitchener stitch closure, it looks awesome. I’ll add some pics tomorrow when the light improves.

For now, おやすみなさい!!

Update: Photos at last!!

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Still alive!!

Well, I don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but if you do, I am still alive. I have family visiting from out of town, so it’s been crazy. :) But I love it!!

Anyways, I love summer for many reasons, #1 being MORE FREE TIME!!! Which means that on top of more knitting/crocheting, I have had more reading time. AWESOME!!! My sister and mother both devoured The Hunger Games, and so did I. All three books in 7 days. :D (I didn’t come up for air very often.) That series is incredible. If you haven’t read them yet, GO READ THEM!!! I strongly advise getting all three at once, because you can’t stop reading. I swear, those books are addictive.

But I haven’t been only reading. I’ve also crocheted a few hand grenades. I really like how they are coming out!! I’ll post pics soon.
My sweater has come to a standstill. It is WAY too hot, and I’m not quite sure about my finger. Oh well! I’ll finish eventually…
I did crochet another scarf for the SO. ^_^ I did it lengthwise-it took forever to finish a row!! We’ll see how long it takes before I decide that’s a good idea again.

update: pictures!

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